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A cottage farm from the XVII century,
which transmits and takes us back to the peace and leisure of the past

The original construction of Cal Ball was built in the XVII century. We are referring to an emplacement located in La Guardia d┬┤Urgell, municipality of Tornabous, which transmits us the peace and the leisure of the past. The cellar , wine, oil and cereals warehouse, the arches and rooms have been restored. Cal Ball constitutes the recuperation of an arquitectonic manifestation of great value and of a valuable historic interest, introducing us to its unique atmosphere, transporting us to the past, with the comforts of the present, being a pleasure for our senses at every step, with quality and warmth as prime objectives towards our clients.

The cottage is located in front of the Torre de la Gu├árdia De D├Ęu , name with which the town was anciently known. Declared as a real state property of cultural interest, this tower of rectangular plant, built in the XVII century, was built directly upon the same rock on witch Call Ball is built. The fantastic rose window of the main suit visually links Cal Ball with the tower, offering us an excellent view, providing us the possibility of getting comfortable in front of an excellent view of the tower.

The geography of the land, green and plain, allows us to visit the touristic attractions enjoying pleasant excursions on bicycle or even by foot. Discovering the pleasure of the trip through the gentle paths of this country side. hydraruzxpnew4af.onion

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Cal Ball, Cottage farm
Plaza de la Torre, 24 - La Guàrdia d'Urgell, 25331 Tornabous, Lleida, Catalunya
Contact telephone numbers: 973 570 325, 679 418 600